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Karen Mirza 

Owner and Managing Director

Karen MirzaMother of 4 girls and grandmother to 7.

I have dedicated my career to the care of the elderly in our community. I have a determination to make a difference I care deeply about the service my company provides and remain personally involved and connected to all my staff and service users, this allows me to remain informed and aware of all positives or potential negatives within our service provision, giving me the ability to address and if needed correct any issues with speed and positivity.

My career in Homecare spans 25 years, I hold my level 5 and RMA award and have vast knowledge and experience of the sector which enables me to the best leader of my service, I believe that it is a privilege to be invited into someone else’s home. I believe that caring for the elderly gives you in so many ways the benefit to the care worker I s as great service user, it is quite possibly one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles that you can perform to know you truly make a difference to someone's life and that you are a welcome visitor to their sanctuary of home is humbling.

My aim is to develop a service that allows me the privilege to build a relationship with the service users of Help at Home that gives me the honour of being part of their care journey ensuring that as the Director of the service I can truly oversee and ensure that they are cared for in a way that embodies respect, compassion and giving back in all that we do.

I hope that our service’s for the elderly can brighten their day, whilst providing help and support to maintain their dignity and independence.

The service we are providing represents who we are.


Charlotte Durling – Operations Manager

Charlotte is responsible for day to day running of the business, this will include ensuring all performances from the care team are efficient, capacity planning and internal processes.


Julie Pilcher – Client Service Manager

Julie’s role is to make sure care plans, risk assessments are up to date. Is the first initial contact for all new clients. Julie ensures that the care provided meets the needs of the client.


Carla Beecham - Office Administrator

Carla has been a community care worker for 2 years previously she then took time out to have her family and now she has returned to the care industry and works in the office, her role is to support the company in administration she also books all the annual leave for staff and ensures all paper work is in order.


Kerry Banks – Senior & Trainer

Kerry delivers all training in house and in the community, Kerry supports and monitors the care staff in the community by spot checks and assessments.


Charlotte Smith - Co-Ordinator

Charlotte has been part of the health care sector for 10 years and has been doing co-ordinating for 2 years. Charlotte’s main role is to give a collaboration between the members of the care team and clients with ensuring all the daily care is delivered with efficiency and safety.


Holly Leadbetter – Office Administrator

Holly’s main role is to support the head coordinator. Holly’s role includes taking enquiries and also helps with all other office duties.