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After spending years caring for the elderly, we have huge respect for them and wanted to deliver a service that could assist them in their daily lives.

Domestic help for anyone that is trying to manage at home alone is a vital service, many have always had such pride in their homes and ill health or simply age has slowed then down.  It is now that they need that little support to help with the tasks that have become unmanageable, there is nothing worse than sitting looking at dust and cobwebs for the day !

Socially we all need to have contact with people and it is just as vital for the elderly who often have difficulty in accessing the community feeling isolated and lonely, in our experience this can often lead to health issues and depression. Part of what we want to be able to do is offer a practical service with a compassionate touch by sending in friendly chatty professionals who feel they want to help but don’t feel they want to go down the full care worker route. This offers them a chance to work with these special people and make a clear difference in their lives, and to spend their time to make an difference as well as make a cuppa and take the time to chat and keep you company.

  • 25 years combined experience working with the elderly
  • Understanding of the issues that face them in their daily living
  • Passionate about the service delivery and customer service
  • Understand how hard it is for family members to support their relatives in such busy times
  • Social isolation and loneliness are a common problem and the cause of further health issues
  • Recruit specifically for the elderly ensuring they are friendly chatty approachable and caring
  • All staff are DBS checked referenced insured and monitored a well as being uniformed.
  • Practical service with a compassionate touch